Post API

ThinkUp’s Post API provides methods to retrieve information about posts, such as replies, retweets, user mentions, and hashtags.

How does it work?

The page to request post API results from is located in <thinkup>/api/v1/post.php. There are a number of API call “types” and these can be specified in a “type” URL parameter. Different API call types have their own set of required and optional parameters. Some of these are mapped to work in exactly the same way as the Twitter API but some are ThinkUp-specific.

The output from the API is modeled after the Twitter Mentions API and it’s overloaded with ThinkUp data. ThinkUp- specific data can be found in a “thinkup” namespace in each post and user JSON object.

How do I use it?

To make an API call of type “user_posts” for the user “samwhoo”, your request would look like this:

That URL will output the latest 20 posts made by samwhoo (as the default number of posts to return is 20) in JSON.

Post API Method Reference

Refer to each API method’s definition below to see its parameters and example return data.